The finest of the soap-base bubble compounds is usually made with supplies in which an excellent grade of ordinary Castile soap (not the "super-fatted" kind) is shaved into a powder with a workshop plane or kitchen grater. Use the following proportions:

Powdered Castile Soap 1 element.
Water, soft or distilled....... fake watches iwc ...........20 components .
Glycerine iwc fakes 5 parts.

Add a minute level of fluorescein dye, if preferred, to offer the resulting liquid an opalescent colour. The dye is obtainable at most drug stores.

Results with all the above formula can't evaluate with these of the new MI compound. The key ingredient, Glim, is sold by most grocery shops. The following proportions will make about 3-1/2 ounces of remedy:

Glim 15 cc.
Glycerine 60 cc.

The above will lead to a honey-colored remedy which does not demand the addition of dye to generate colored bubbles. If you need to experiment with luminous bubbles, merely add sufficient luminous paint powder. A appropriate non-toxic powder is sold by Firefly Items, 118 Brook St., Elgin, Ill. The luminous bubble liquid needs "charging" by exposure to a strong light ahead of use. It really should be utilized outdoors, for the bubbles will leave a spot of the luminous powder wherever they burst. A loop for "blowing" the bubbles is conveniently formed by shaping the finish of a heavy wire around a pipe of about 3/4 in. diameter.

-Kenneth Murray

make your very own BUBBLE COMPOUND (May, 1950)

was a brand of dish washing soap

make your own BUBBLE COMPOUND

WITH a startling new formula worked out particularly for MI readers, you may produce rainbow-colored bubbles that final longer and are extra brilliant than the old-fashioned type made using a soap base. Also to the organic rainbow coloring, it really is practical to add luminous powder towards the new formula so that the bubbles will glow when developed inside the dark.

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