The hospital of the aquarium is equipped with microscopes, operating tables, a analysis laboratory, and in some cases an ultra violet ray lamp for the therapy of afflicted fish. Right here experts study all specimens of fish brought to them, and a single with the final results of their labors is that fish truly reside longer in the tanks than they would in their native habitat.

By way of making the water healthful for the fish to reside in, water from an artesian properly, purer even than sea water, is supplied through a closed circulating program, 300.-000 gallons of water going through the

tank a day . Fish swimming around in the sea or inside a lake give off acids from their scales, however the aquarium takes care of this scenario by mixing a slight amount of bicarbonate of soda in the water.

One feature about life in an aquarium tank that fish undoubtedly discover appealing is the fact that they're fed on a regular basis by an specialist chef who knows just what every fish likes ideal. Thus the aquarium denizens don't have to forage for their food, and never do they come to a mouth-to-mouth struggle with powerful enemies for their sustenance.

Recently when one particular in the pair of penguins of the aquarium died, the survivor began to pine away, and it looked as if he would quickly adhere to his pal to penguin paradise. Authorities had been at a loss to seek out a cure for the bird's loneliness, till some one believed of a mirror, and now the penguin, fully recovered, poses all day before his image, thinking that it truly is his deceased pal. Specific varieties of really delicate fish, located in deep tropical seas, can't survive inside the aquarium waters.

Generating Fish Feel at Home in New York Aquarium (Aug, 1931)

Making Fish Really feel at Dwelling in New York Aquarium

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